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Unprecedented LED Performance July 2009
County Hall, London – illuminated by ColorReach™

Philips ColorReach™ Powercore is the first LED architectural floodlight which is powerful enough to illuminate large–scale structures having more lumen output than any other comparable fixture for exterior illumination.

Offering exceptional lighting projection of up to 500 feet, Philips ground breaking ColorReach™ Powercore technology has ensured that the full height of the impressive baroque façade of London’s County Hall has been illuminated to stunning effect.

Increasingly, architects are demanding flexibility and adaptability whilst clients place a growing emphasis on energy and maintenance costs. ColorReach™ Powercore is just one of the Philips range of LED lighting solutions which answers these demands.

ColorReach™Powercore® technology – Power and data combined, eliminating the need for an external power supply
Chromacore® – An unprecedented means for adding intelligence to LED illumination devices
Optibin® – Production process that ensures light output and colour consistency

County Hall, London – illuminated by ColorReach™

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County Hall case study  Gateshead case study

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Featured Video

View the County Hall project video on YouTube>

ColorReach™ at County Hall, London

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Products Features

Architectural floodlight

Illumination of large architectural façades

Enhancing & details, bridges, tower blocks, public monuments

Highest available illuminance up to 500ft

6 Different lens options

Each half is addressable with dual lens options

Energy consumption of 290W, for a lighting projection of 500ft

Wind turbine illuminated with ColorReach™

Wind turbine illuminated with 2 x ColorReach™

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Philips sense and simplicity